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  1. The Lives Worth Saving by cywsaphyre. Anime » Naruto Rated: T, English, Adventure & Drama, Naruto U., Words : 134k+, Favs: 15k+, Follows: 14k+, Published: 2/3/2012 Updated: 8/13/2017} 4,201 Chapter 1: To Live Again. Disclaimer: I do not own any Naruto characters... Note 1: First of all, this will be my first Naruto fic but I just couldn't get it out of my head. Yes, it's a time travel AU of.
  2. FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav The Lives Worth Saving. By: cywsaphyre. Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. Time travel AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Drama - Naruto U. - Chapters: 9 - Words: 134,188.
  3. This story is an attempt to adopt and complete my favorite Naruto Fanfiction Lives Worth Saving by cywsaphyr. I have the permission of the original author now. This is a time travel style story. There are errors that I'm trying to go back and correct as well. What happens when Akastuki work in 4 man teams instead of 2? How will Naruto handle the stress of being back in time? Rated: Fiction T.
  4. With the help of family new and old, Naruto learns there is more to it than just lives worth saving. Time travel AU. - First eight chapters are not my own, and belong to cywsaphyre on fanfiction.net. Series. Part 1 of The Lives Worth Saving; Language: English Words: 130,125 Chapters: 10/? Collections: 10 Comments: 381 Kudos: 2187 Bookmarks.

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The red hair in The Lives Worth Saving is just because if a transformation jutsu though, he still has naturally blond hair. 1. Share. Report Save. level 1. Shade Jackson 6 months ago. There is one in which he has red hair and is a seals specialist and Sakura is part of mostly civilian and minor shinobi that escaped Uzu to have their own little district, but I don't remember the name and can't. The Lives Worth Saving by cywsaphyre. Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all Part 1 of the The Lives Worth Saving series Next Work → Collections: Naruto Wonderland, A Collection of Beloved Inserts, BAMF Without Bashing, Character Studies and World Building, Storycatchers Best of Naruto pile, Best Fics From Across The Multiverse, Konoha Collection, wwwwwww, why im sleep deprived , Team 7 Stats: Published: 2019-03-06 Updated: 2019-09-23 Words: 130125 Chapters. The Lives Worth Saving (Naruto FF) 9 parts. Ongoing. Uzumaki Naruto, 26 years old and undoubtedly one of the few remaining shinobi still alive after 10... Kitsune Back in Time. 24 parts . Ongoing. Kurama sends Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Garra, and Ochimaru back in time after the war. However, th... Worth saving. 47 parts. Ongoing. This is not my story. I want to write something that might be.

Title: The Lives Worth Saving Author: cywsaphyre Rated: T Pairing: General Translator: kirowan Beta reader: Whitenavy Summary: Naruto, 26 tuổi, đã sống 10 năm trong chiến tranh. Khi không còn nơi nào có thể gọi là nhà, anh tự đưa mình trở về điểm xuất phát, chính là ngày anh tốt nghiệp khỏi Học viện, nhằm thay đổi tương lai for The Lives Worth Saving. 1/6/2018 c9 Raeger I don't usually like time travel fics and admittedly Naruto feels really strong in this fic, but somehow or another this has become one of my favourites. Perhaps it's the effect that Naruto has on people, but it's just fascinating seeing what he can do, and just what he can change. Will miss your writing. 12/31/2017 c1 2 Uzumaki D Narut0 It avoids. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum . More. for The Lives Worth Saving. 2/26/2012 c6 Star1X Naruto seems to be befriending everyone. I can see Sakura/Ino fighting over who he likes the best. :) Inoichi shook his head as Asuma stared at him in uncomprehending disbelief. I am very glad you weren't my sensei. He spoke with feeling. I would've died. ^ Suprised this didn't cause a reaction. I. FanFiction. Just In. Community . Forum. More. for Lives More. for Lives Worth Saving: Legacy of the Hokage. 2/1 c11 Guest update this expeditiously please. 1/28 c11 Guest Please continue this story it is my favorite story and I've reread it about 5 times waiting for an update . 1/25 c11 Cauldronw Neat- thank u. 1/21 c11 Johanna Kesia Santos Is this story still ongoing? I really like how.

Feb 24, 2021 - The Lives Worth Saving Chapter 5: Of Opinions and Games, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction The Lives Worth Saving (Adopted fr... by yz2468. 3.4K 192 18. Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. In the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's gr... sakura ; team7; hiruzen +18 more # 15. Born a Haruno by MistySharp112. 153K 6K 64. The Haruno Clan was a clan of killing. They were known for their war veins and. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More . for The Lives Worth Saving. 3/7/2012 c7 10 J.F.C Awesome story so far, and it seems like Naruto has made a conection with all of the Clan Heads of Konoha. I love the story so far, hope you update soon. 3/6/2012 c5 1 RamenKnight =) 3/6/2012 c7 1 MercuryDawn I really like the way the story is shaping up. You have done a good job developing many of. for The Lives Worth Saving. 8/16 c9 Mariusz1988 Too bad this fic is dead, as it was goood. 8/15 c1 Levi1228 I don't even know how many time I read this since it came out on 2012. It's like my hundred time reading this story because of how amazing the srory it. 8/13 c9 jyrdryd Here's the sadness. 8/13 c7 Dootdoot 3 I'm gona b so sad when I reach the end but I made my choice knowingly and.

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Lives Worth Saving. 4/22 c1 Jacqueline Schi I am not a writer so if this isn't a good rescue story I understand. I always thought Marshal Petrie No Place to Run wanted to get even w/Jess for Gandy. What if he frames Jess, gets him in his jail..Slim doesn't know where he is..someone let's Mort know and he/Slim have to rescue him. Well, there it. FanFiction | unleash Reviews for Lives Worth Saving: Legacy of the Hokage; Wind dancer1981 chapter 11 . 9/24/2019. You know I had given up on you updating when saw the notification I thought you would say that you are abandoning the story but I was jumping happily that you weren't thank you for updating ,and I saw a mistake on the chapter in the previous ones you said that haruki didn.

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for The Lives Worth Saving. 3/6/2012 c7 KeenanCullen Just pure awesome. I can't wait till the next chapter, your story keeps me on the edge of my seat and leaves me wanting more. I also love how you brought in the time Paradox thing, I don't think I have seen it in any other story like this, plus you presented it in a very simplified way. Your. My Vietnamese translated fanfictions. Naruto. Các fic trong fandom Naruto. The Lives Worth Saving. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Số lượt thích Đang tải... Trang. About; BTS - 방탄소년단. Heart of the Matter; miracle of rare device (one shot) Fic recs. BTS fic recs; Dramione fic recs; Naruto fic recs; Others; Rivamika fic recs; Harry Potter. Dramione. A Thousand. Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. Time travel AU Title: The Lives Worth Saving Author: cywsaphyre Rated: T Pairing: General Translator: kirowan Beta reader: @whitenavy Summary: Naruto, 26 tuổi, đã sống 10 năm trong chiến tranh. Khi không còn nơi nào có thể gọi là nhà, anh tự đưa mình trở về điểm xuất phát, chính là ngày anh tốt nghiệp khỏi Học viện, nhằm thay đổi tương lai

Read novel The Lives Worth Saving (Naruto Time Travel Fanfic) written by Moonlit_Dragon, rating: 0, category: others, tag: others. Uzumaki Naruto, 26 years old and undoubtedly one of the few remaining shinobi still alive after 10 long years of war, lay dying in the midst of a bloody battlefield. With Konoha gone and no one left to live for, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of. Read novel Lives Worth Saving : Legacy of the Hokage written by Xavier_Kaito, rating: 4.36, category: Anime & Comics, tag: Anime & Comics. Uzumaki Naruto, 26 years old and undoubtedly one of the few remaining shinobi still alive after 10 long years of war, lay dying in the midst of a bloody battlefield. With Konoha gone and no one left to live for, he sends himself back to the beginning, to. The Lives Worth Saving (Naruto Time Travel Fanfic) Author: Moonlit_Dragon. Not enough ratings. 1 Chapter 1- To Live Again 1yr. Translator: - -Editor: - - Hoarse coughs disrupted the heavy surroundings as dying flames crackled quietly across the corpse-littered ground. A body stirred amongst the rubble and ash as one bloodied hand reached up to sweep aside dirtied locks of blond hair. 'Is he. With that comes enemies. During an ambush, Naruto jumps in front of a Jutsu that would tear his former Sensei's soul from his body. The Jutsu begins to tear Kurama away instead. In a desperate bid to save both his and Naruto's life, Kurama does something almost as unpredictable as his host. He tries to send them back in time a day. This would.

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Fanfic / Escape From The Hokage's Hat Downplayed: Sakura comes to Hinata, in tears, over Naruto's injuries, and says Sasuke isn't worth Naruto getting hurt so badly. Hinata blames Sakura for what she did to Naruto- begging him to save Sasuke and having hit him, yelled at him and used him,- but gives her a hug because If she cried for Naruto, she couldn't be all bad. Subverted: Naruto. Regardless of which specific character we are featuring, all Naruto fanfiction discussion is on-topic - it's just a fun tradition. To gain access to the full list of channels, you must self-assign the 'Readers' role in the #rules channel. This is done by clicking on the Book react image which sits between Rule 10 and Rule 11. Last revised by . DakeyrasWrites - 3 months ago. About Community. A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. more than 43,590 fandoms | 3,671,000 users | 7,591,000 works. The Archive of Our Own is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. With an AO3 account, you can: Share your own fanworks; Get notified when your favorite works, series, or users update. Summary from FanFiction.net: A 10 years old Naruto meets a man who will change his life and the Ninja Nations, but will it be for good? The Yondaime has returned and he is not happy. NaruHina later. Advertisement: Tropes that appear in New chance: Acceptable Breaks from Canon: This story was published in 2008 and its update schedule slowed around 2012 — long before the manga clarified. Shinobi of the High Seas by Kenchi618 is a crossover fanfic between Naruto and One Piece that takes a rather cliche and overdone idea and takes it in a completely different direction than expected, resulting in something both original and highly awesome.. The story's premise is that a semi-immortal Naruto, many, many years after ending the Fourth Shinobi War and bringing peace to the Elemental.

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Dead Garden is a Naruto For Want of a Nail fic written by our own Anowack, who also wrote One Hundred Days and its sequel One Hundred Weeks.. It retells Naruto as it might have been if it were called Sakura instead - in this world, for as-yet-undisclosed reasons, the 4th Hokage sealed the Kyuubi into Haruno Sakura instead of his own son Naruto. Naruto's mother Kushina survived and Sakura's. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth waking dragons for here.. These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Hobbit fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want This is my first fanfic, I hope you like it! (: Cover poster by me and amazing GIF bannar by WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter! Please review! 9,000+ VIEWS!!!! YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR READING! CHAPTER 69 IS POSTED! ***Winner of my one-shot contest: Metamorphagus! Congratulations! Check out their stories!!*** Buy on Amazon. Dark and the Sword (Legacy of the Phoenix) Fanfiction Author Original Buy on. Naruto was too injured to save her himself, So according to you Naruto had two options throw a TSB to block the laser OR hope someone else could save her. Yeah this pretty much confirms Naruto.

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Mitsuki (ミツキ Mitsuki) is a synthetic human that was created as a partial clone of Orochimaru. Immigrating to Konohagakure to confirm whether or not Boruto Uzumaki was his sun, he became a shinobi and was placed on Team Konohamaru. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 4.1 Chakra and Physical Prowess 4.1.1 Body Modifications 4.2 Ninjutsu 4.3 Senjutsu 5 New Era 5.1 Academy. The substitution of menma for naruto also foreshadows the identity crisis Naruto will suffer later in the movie, when he, himself, actually becomes a substitute for an AU version of himself called Menma Yes, they actually did it. They actually pulled the alternative universe (AU) travel card-a play pulled straight out of Fanfiction 101 FanFiction.Net (often abbreviated as FF.net or FFN) is an automated fan fiction archive site. It was founded on October 15, 1998 by Los Angeles computer programmer Xing Li, who also runs the site. It has over 12 million registered users and hosts stories in over 40 languages. The site is split into nine main categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Miscellaneous, Games, Comics, Movies, Plays.

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39 Sherlock fanfiction tales. Last Updated: 2021-05-03. Popular: 'Airplane to Death', 'Clash of Classes', 'The Bravery of the Soldier' Search Search Free Books Genres Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Mystery Action Horror Humor Erotica Poetry Other Thriller Romance Children Drama Fanfiction More Fanfiction Harry Potter Naruto Supernatural Glee Lord of the rings Trending Topics Love Magic Family Death. Naruto knew how much Sasuke meant to Sakura, and he would do anything to save their friendship. If Naruto hadn't been there in that moment to assure her that everything would be okay, Sakura would've had a much harder time coping with the severed bond. 1 HINATA: She Will Always Be Naruto's Number One Fan And Supporte Naruto News from Around the Web. Naruto: Every Jinchuriki Stronger Than Gaara, Ranked | CBR - CBR 5/12/2021; Naruto Fan Goes Viral After Making Asuma's Chakra Blade for Real - ComicBook.com 5/12/2021; Naruto Cosplay Unlocks Fem Sasuke's Smooth Style - ComicBook.com 5/12/202 Naruto echoed the sentiment later: he could always see truth in Hinata, which was sweet, but didn't help him when people suspected him of being a shapeshifter. Hinata spent some time apologizing not only for others mistrusting him, but also for Naruto having to save her again. By that point in the series though, Naruto no longer saw himself. Leaving the War behind, she goes back to 1943 to tamper with the timeline and save the future. However, a certain teenage Dark Lord keeps interfering with her plans, and he's not the Dark Lord she was sent to destroy - or fall for. Another story that has so many twists and turns! I was biting my nails and on the edge of my seat the whole time! Great Read! What They Don't Know by.

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New Fanfiction Adventure Romance Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction Action Supernatural Horror Realistic Humor Thriller Short Stories Historical Nonfiction Poetry. Protectors. Garden Of Wars. Night Pond. School Project 2. Lovers of the Forest. Short stories. Dangerous Mistakes. She. The Chaotic Potato Chronicles. The Last Dragon Riders. Fake Fiancé 2: One I Want. Endless . Show more. Quizzes. Naruto Live Action Trailer Fan Creatio 18.04.2018 - Erkunde Monikas Pinnwand Naruto auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu naruto, naruto bilder, anime naruto Malcolm Nance Fans hat 11.977 Mitglieder. Malcolm Nance Fans is dedicated to promoting truth in American politics. Essentially, we are a loose coalition of like-minded liberal-progressives doing our.. Go live with Isaac, the lawyers advised. He's already put through an application to be an interim guardian. Next of kin and all that. Pretending as if he cared; he isn't fooling me. He doesn't have a compassionate bone in his body. He doesn't care about me at all, much less if our parents get better. Isaac's still bitter at being kicked out.

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Temari saving Shikamaru. However, in the end, he instead decided to prove the worth the Nara Clan by mastering Wind Release techniques from Temari, which she happily agreed to teach him. Naruto Shinden: Family Day. The Nara Family eating together on Parent and Child Day. When Konohagakure began celebrating a new annual holiday, Family Day, Shikamaru offered to set up a schedule to ensure. Yes, he obviously does. And he admits them out loud in chap. 698, after their final fight. If you are asking about the actual extent of those felings, like s.body else has hinted already in the answers before mine, Kishimoto has written their rela..

Naruto is one of the Big Three when it comes to anime and it has been a part of childhood for many people around the world. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto follows the story of an outcast named Naruto Uzumaki, who wants to grow up to become the Hokage. Over the next couple of decades, Naruto really grew in terms of popularity You should be redirected to the real page within some seconds (could take a bit longer if your connection is really slow. This website uses state of the are web technologies

The logic of this entry is simple: many of the enemies Naruto faces are on this list, and Naruto defeats those enemies. Therefore, Naruto is more powerful than some of the most overpowered characters. The build-up to that conclusion is a joy to watch, and his path to becoming the number one overpowered knucklehead ninja is worth the ride. 9 Hamur Naruto Uzumaki was made into a jinchūriki by his father just moments after he was born. The Yang half of Kurama was sealed into him, and it took Naruto several years to become its perfect jinchūriki. After the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto even gained the other half of the nine-tails, which made him even stronger than before. That's not all! He. Well, I know it's too late to answer this question but yeah Let's try! (Btw, at first I'd like to say that I'm truly sorry for my bad English. Since English isn't my first language. I'm pretty sure I'll make many mistakes on grammar, etc. Here I. Naruto echoed the sentiment later: he could always see truth in Hinata, which was sweet, but didn't help him when people suspected him of being a shapeshifter. Hinata spent some time apologizing not only for others mistrusting him, but also for Naruto having to save her again. By that point in the series though, Naruto no longer saw himself.

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Demon Slayer has become one of the most popular anime around, and when your fandom is reaching My Hero Academia levels there's going to be a lot - and we do mean a lot - of shipping going on.. Some of these ships are genuinely good - that's because they make sense within the series and feature two characters who have a genuine connection (instead of, say, a forged bond); however, some ships. Naruto is well-known for its action, drama, and intense storylines following the rising ninja Naruto Uzamaki and his friends, Sasuke and Sakura. It is one of the most beloved ninja animes ever to exist. However, many fans also care a great deal about the relationships- aspect of the anime Fanfiction. Über 100.000 Fan Fictions und originale Werke Fanart. Fan Art und originale Werke. Über 1 Mio. Bilder online. Zirkel. Gruppen gründen, Projekte organisieren Forum. Diskutiere mit anderen Fans! Blogs. Erfahre, was die Community bewegt! RPGs. Schreib Geschichte!.

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She used her medical knowledge to found clinics, save lives, and go on numerous missions where she saved the day. Many of those missions and events come to fans courtesy of the light novels written between the manga as well as The Last: Naruto The Movie. For fans who want to see just what Sakura got up to, we've assembled these 20 Things Sakura Did Between Shippūden And Boruto. 20 She. Naruto: Every Jinchuriki Officially Ranked From Weakest To Strongest Only the best paired monsters and ninja become truly impressive partners with the power to save the world or destroy it. By Stephanie Marceau Published Feb 06, 201 Thankfully, Naruto was able to save Sakura from being killed by Sasuke and his vow to save Sasuke at all costs gave Sakura some hope in having Team 7 together again. Overtime, Sakura came to believe that Naruto would in fact become Hokage and was willing to do anything to help him achieve his dream. Once Sasuke reciprocated her feelings and Naruto was developing feelings for Hinata, Sakura. Seems to follow the standard plot of introducing a system to create an OP MC in a world (Naruto, Bleach, Shokugeki no Soma, whatever), but thank to some excellent translation, the humour comes across, and the series doesn't take itself too seriously (atleast for now). Definitely worth a read if a fan of the Marvel Universe, or for passing the time between your favorite novel

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Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki (大筒木モモシキ Ōtsutsuki Momoshiki) was a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan's main family, investigating the whereabouts of Kaguya and her God Tree and then attempting to cultivate a new one out of the chakra of the Seventh Hokage. In the process of being killed by Boruto Uzumaki, Momoshiki placed a Kāma on him, allowing his spirit to remain intact through the mark. Sasuke Uchiha is a main character in Naruto, serving as a secondary protagonist in early Part I and later as an antagonist in majority of Part II before redeeming himself in the end. He is Sakura Haruno's love interest. 1 History 2 Biography 3 Romances 3.1 Sakura Haruno 3.2 Ino Yamanaka 3.3 Karin 4 Trivia 5 External Links Sasuke was part of the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful ninja. Kakuzu (角都 Kakuzu) was an S-rank missing-nin from Takigakure and a member of Akatsuki who was partnered with Hidan. Kisame Hoshigaki jokingly referred to them as the Zombie Combo (ゾンビコンビ Zonbi Konbi English TV: Zombie Pair),3 due to the fact that, in differing senses, they could not die. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 4.1 Physical Prowess 4.2 Ninjutsu 4.2.1.

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Your life is the best story! Just start your blog today World's largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community where writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion Naruto (jap. NARUTO -ナルト-) ist eine weltweit erfolgreiche Mangareihe des japanischen Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, die von 1999 bis 2014 erschien und ebenfalls als Animeserie umgesetzt wurde.Die Sammelbände haben sich bis September 2014 weltweit mehr als 200 Millionen Mal verkauft, davon 130 Millionen allein in Japan. Seit 2016 erscheint die Fortsetzung Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, die.

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If you're a fan of the Naruto universe, you'll know that his teammates Sasuke and Sakura have a pretty long history. From their debut as two genin ninjas entering Team Seven to the final scene of them overseeing Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto The Movie, we have seen these two characters go through many hardships.. Sakura and Sasuke's story started out as a tale of. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a few lines with you to express how much the situation in this group is making me uncomfortable... All the people in this group share at least one thing in.. However, with Naruto's vow to save Sasuke no matter what, Sakura decided to put all her faith in Sasuke and Naruto in fulfilling her dream of Team 7 being together again. They were able to put their differences aside as they fought the Ten-Tails, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya and, although Sasuke was impressed by her powerful strength, he rendered her useless and showed disregard in helping her. TURKS ISLANDERS Good morning.....Don't normally voice my opinion on these platforms, but this is an issue that I think needs to be heard. I just read the amendments to the emergency powers that was..

Boruto Uzumaki Als eines der beiden Kinder des amtierenden Hokage hat der Blondschopf im Grunde alles, was er sich wünschen kann - nur kaum Kontakt zu seinem Vater, der zwar für alle und jeden im Dorf da ist, seine eigene Familie aber vernachlässigt. Boruto verfügt über ungeheures Talent und erfährt, anders als einst sein Vater, viel Unterstützung, doch lässt er gern das Training. Spirit Fanfics e Histórias é uma plataforma para autopublicação de Fanfics e Histórias, solte sua imaginação e entre nesse mundo de fanfiction As for Schindler's wife Emilie, who also played a huge (but publicly understated) role in saving hundreds of Jews during World War II, she continued to live in Argentina, scraping by with the help. When Lily sacrificed herself to save Harry in Godric's Hollow, he was protected by magic's strongest defense: love. Dumbledore explained to Harry at a young age how Lily's love lived on and served as a protection against evil. However, there's more to Lily's protection than that. Harry remained protected when he moved in with the Dursley family because, as sisters, Lily and Petunia shared the. Pearls hat 2.331 Mitglieder. A Scripture Group to reveal the Word in these End Times to share the scriptures. We are the Merchant, the Church, who have costly pearls hidden in our hearts, pearls..

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